Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saturday Night's Alright for Tucking

I'm going to a trans friendly club on Saturday. This will mark the first time I've gone to a public place dressed. Halloween found me at a house party, but this is different. This is downtown Toronto on a Saturday night hand in hand with my sista Aya, surrounded by guys on the prowl.

I'm really excited, and I have my outfit planned, but something I never even thought of before was brought to my attention: Tucking.

Silly as it may seem, I apparently had no idea what tucking was. I thought it was something hung tgirls do to hide their swinging monsters. I thought it wasn't something my tiny princess needed to worry about. I certainly didn't think it meant putting my berries inside me!!!

I'm scared. I've been practicing, and I'm making progress, but there is some discomfort to be expected and so I'm not sure how much pressure I should put to get the balls into the corner pockets.

I looked at some videos and they were helpful, but in earnest they focused too much on the taping part, where what I'm concerned about is, oh I don't know, the 'push my testicles inside my body' part.

Any tips or references you can give me would be so helpful. I want to do a good job, maybe flirt, make out, who knows, maybe we'll bring a guy home and devour him together. In order to do that though, I need to tuck. I'm such a wimp.


  1. You could also buy a gaffe which is basically a stiffer version of a thong that would help hide the little princess.

  2. I use transparent surgical tape.
    See my blog as well as photos on andisissyboi3 on flicker.com

  3. I don't use anything!! I'm average size, never needed tape. Just get bikini or boyshort panties, maybe a size too small, put your little princess back between your legs with the berries on either side--I've been tucking so long mine slip up automatically. It just takes practice! After that, just pull your panties up tight and voila! Rinse and repeat when you pee (make sure to sit, obviously!) and you're golden! Also, do NOT wear a thong, as your princess can slip out more easily or if you're easily aroused when wearing panties. At least, not until you've had practice.

  4. Tucking hmmmm...
    I've known about it for a while, I can do it but for extended periods of time it can be annoying. >_<
    My daily wear is hipster panties and women's bootcut jeans and I don't tuck.

    If you're having difficulty getting those berries up in there that's alright. Some people need to take time to stretch those muscles so they can get the testies back in there.

    Something that could help is lying down as you try. Takes gravity out of the situation. If you do get them in there and REALLY want to make sure they stay you can wear two pairs of panties. One as a sort of safety and the other over them to really make things snug. This can get rather warm though.

    Also, you don't "need" to tuck. Rather if you don't it may change clothing options.

    Good luck,



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