Friday, March 4, 2011

Deadly Sins At My Own Pace

Sure I'm completely consumed with lust and have a sweet tooth for greed, but I've always struggled with envy. I compare myself to others in my vanity, I would achieve my goals more quickly if not for sloth. I'd have the body I deserve if not for gluttony, and all of this waiting gives me wrath.

I counted them all, right? ^_^ I found these Princess Deadly Sins pieces today and felt connected to what I'm going through now.

So I've got a hormone Doctor, but no money for hormones. I've got a therapist I will begin seeing in two weeks, but a life situation that is still complicated. I've got guys offering threesomes, and yet my stuff is still with my friend who I haven't seen for weeks. Basically, ups and downs.

I can look across the table at the gender support group and feel envy for how far some others are in their transitions, or how much simpler their home lives are. What I find pride in is that each week we go there, I have moved forward at a seemingly faster and more consistently successful pace than some of those I envy. That makes me smile.


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