Saturday, March 19, 2011

Q&A and Coming Out: Brother

Firstly I came out to my brother last night. Most anticlimactic reaction ever, lol. "It doesn't matter," he said. While he didn't have many questions, I'm glad that he's fine with it. I'm lucky.

I'm lucky for a lot of reasons. Family is being supportive so far, though the hardest people to tell are ahead still. I'm also very lucky because I have such a vibrant following of yummy guys who say the sweetest things! I've been receiving a lot of compliments and along with that, a number of questions. I've decided to start answering some. If you have anything you want to ask me, feel free uh... email me? I.. I dunno.. feel free to teach me how to put a gadget that let's me get formspring questions. lol. I'm looking forward to it!

Jim says:

I just wanted to say how much I adore your blog, your captions, and your personality. You are indeed the most interesting person on imagefap. And the way you tap into the male psyche is quite impressive. I'm a "straight" guy, I date girls, but I'm private I'm a secret gayboy slut who loves ladyboys. I'm more of a bottom, but I can also be a top. I also love lesbian stuff and black cock, so your pictures and captions appeal to me on so many levels. I'm curious, are you 100% into guys or are you sexually attracted to women in some way as well? What type of guy turns you on the most?

Wow Jim I'm so glad you share this with me! This positive feedback is soOo good.

I'm pragmatically bisexual. That is to say, some women have enough charm and willpower to seduce me into a touch of submissive enjoyment. That said, I largely consider myself straight. I prefer males enormously and would in fact kick a woman out of bed for the sheer enjoyment of it.

I cannot see myself in another relationship with a woman. They suck at relationships.

I verrrrry much enjoy teasing straight girls and helping lesbians turn straight girls out. It helps my cause. I want all the men.

As for men (a favourite topic): I am attracted to a wide variety of guys. It is charm and confidence that spreads my legs. I would not say overly so, but I am submissive by nature. I am the yin and I seek yangs. I dont like abuse or pain, I like to be treated like a trophy, and I like big hands on me. I like a male to put me in several sexual positions in a session, and to make me feel vulnerable, from having my legs up on his shoulders to feeling his chest at my back and his hand turning my head to kiss me from behind.

I like men's hands, their chests and god i am so attracted to abs. I like males who are bigger and stronger than me, and taller, though none of those things are hard to find. I like guys who have a gentle sort of dominance, that is to say they don't bluntly require 'Master' and rules and traditional D/s culture. I like it when men buy me things.

I had so much fun answering. Does this help or only inspire more questions?

sparkles and rainbows,


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