Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yoga and Relaxation

I've been taking a yoga and meditation course and it is wonderful. It is really just skimming the surface of yoga, and has a larger meditation component but I'm finding it so enjoyable.

I love the sensations of stretching in yoga and the end result is ample calm, docile, and sensual wellness. I would very much like a strong male to lay his hands on me and guide me through each position. Yoga is such a sensual experience.

Likely you find it as no surprise I enjoy meditation, what with my rampant desires for hypnosis. I've been using hypnosis as a lifestyle tool for some time, and have been blessed with more hypnotic influence in recent months. I never found the mp3s particularly useful, except for the binaurals that were made especially for me. The erotic hypnosis mp3s, I feel, are entertainment. Candy. That is enjoyable, but I want deep voiced masculine relaxation. I'm lucky to get it.

My friend made another lovely hypnotic caption of me. So amazing it demands sharing here.


  1. So like clay, to be molded, made and reshaped so that you fit where most needed, to be used for the most good. It's your way.

  2. A delicious caption, love. I ought to try yoga sometime.

  3. I'm so glad that you liked it Mei. I look forward to the next time we are able to align our schedules for a session.


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