Monday, March 14, 2011

Most interesting person on Imagefap

"Thanks for the comments babe. I think you're possibly the most interesting person on imagefap x" That is the comment I received from CaughtSlippin'Again. I love to leave teasing little messages on people's imagefap galleries. You can see what I wrote to inspire such praise by checking out the profile.

I hear a lot that something about me sets me apart from a lot of others. It makes me feel wonderful because they are talking about my personality. My mind. My body is a journey, but my mind is already very popular. I look forward to the day when my body is fabulous enough to make the pornographic expressions I want to achieve come true.

I've updated my imagefap once again. Ladyboy Joys is the latest gallery. I hope you are inspired by the pics I selected.


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