Saturday, April 9, 2011

Doctoring Advice

I was at the Doctor's again this past week. A physical was in order, chest measuring and genital checking among other things. This seems like a natural prelude to anti androgens, and yet the physical did not occur.

Instead I was treated to a student Doctor inspecting my head for signs of my common cold, which I had mentioned I was getting over.

No discussion of hormones took place.

I was told to make another appointment, in two weeks time, to continue the physical prelude to anti androgens that was wasted this time.

This has sparked a curiosity in me which has become a bonfire. I am dissatisfied with the Canadian political and medical view on transgender issues. Rather than beat my head against the wall of a parliament that turfed the Transgender Protection Bill when they headed for elections, I will simply bypass the system.

I am researching a plan to travel to another country and have my surgeries BEFORE I even get hormones.

We know there are some tgirls who do the surgeries without ever going on HRT, and they pass. This is especially common with pornstars and escorts who require a fully functional cock. Therefore it is not necessary to even go through HRT in order to live as a beautiful woman.

This doesn't mean I will avoid HRT. I want it. I want it like soaking up sunshine on a beach in a bikini. I just have to respect timeline here. I have a baby who is growing up, and will soon form long term memories. I'd like them to be consistent with fabulous milf me!

The longer you wait, the more health problems you will have. I don't want to wait 2-5 years on HRT only to find that such and such medical problem that has sprung up now prevents me from having cosmetic surgery. That would be totally lame.

The reasons for waiting for HRT to take effect are ambiguous and lacking in substance as well. Money? Uh, it is a LOT more expensive to juggle a dual life and pay for psychologist bills and HRT prescriptions as well as still requiring surgery anyways. Going to another country and getting the surgeries at a fair price will mean I can immediately live fulltime, skipping male clothes entirely. One wardrobe, one life to live, and I get to go to work and live as the ladyboy I am.

Let the hormones do their work? Well, let me put it this way: Has any cisgender woman been told to wait until after menopause to have cosmetic enhancements? No.

Cisgender women go through hormones rollercoasters every 28 days, they also have a hurricane of hormones when menopause happens, and yet nobody tells them to avoid cosmetic enhancements because their bodies will change over time. No publications I am aware of discuss post-menopausal cosmetic surgery situations, not that it would change mind. No what's worse is girls before puberty are given cosmetic enhancements. We have, on rare occasion, questioned the morality of breast enhancement, but there seems to be no great movement to encourage pre teen beauty queens to wait until after puberty to have facial enhancements like botox.

I think what disturbs me most about this "patience" game is that it quietly implies if you do surgeries without wasting several years of your life not passing while on HRT, you are going to end up disfigured like Frankenstein's monster. It is fear mongering plain and simple.

It looks like Venezuela, a country on the top of the world for cosmetic procedures, would run me about 10k to look like Tigerr Benson, that's including airfare, accomodations, and all the procedures, and even a nurse to hold my straw.

In Canada a boob job costs 7k and I would require a note from a psychologist who charges about 170/hr and would need many hours of my money to decide to write that letter in the first place. That's easily more than 10k, and remember in this plan I'm waiting until I'm almost 40 so the hormones can do whatever they are going to do.

Which, as you are likely aware, may not be much. HRT affects each person differently. There are a miriad of factors that go into whether HRT will be exceptionally effective, or whether your body will reject them entirely like an allergy! Age, weight, genetics, psychology, stress level, fitness level, dietary choices, etc. You get the point.

"What ifs" like this are not how a ladyboy slut does business. I'm taking my documentary to Venezuela, or another country, and I'm doing this thing up 2011 styles. I will be safe, I will measure thrice before cutting once, but decisiveness, not delay are what I, and my baby girl, need to return this chaotic life to order.

Oh ya, and the faster I look like I deserve to look, the faster I can fuck and suck you all on porn. I hope you don't mind fucking me on camera guys! You can wear a mask if you are married.


  1. I understand that you want your life to be the way you in vision it as soon as possible. Especially before your child has permanent memories of you the way you are now. Its a big enough concern to go ahead and get the operation.
    However, you will be making this transformation harder on yourself then it needs to be. Getting the surgery before you are hormonally ready for it might lead to unforeseen complications. (It would be like buying new tires for a car you haven't bought yet). Get all the facts first. (I'm fairly confident you already have all the facts, but it doesn't hurt to double check and be sure).

    Oh and it does no good to throw doubt on the medical community simply because a student doctor doesn't know what you want. (Unless he still acted that way after you grabbed him and shook him while yelling 'WHERE ARE MY BOOBIES")!

  2. One thing I forgot to mention. And this is important. The female hormones have an effect the exact inverse of what your body is used to in testosterone levels. (If you have high testosterone then they will do a lot, but if you are on the low side then they are only going to effect a minor physiological change).
    If you get your Testosterone levels checked that will tell you exactly what to expect with the hormones. Your doctor should have mentioned this the first day. (But this isn't why I went to medical school for a short time).

  3. I make a habit of doing a significant amount of research before making decisions, but I am not in the habit of trusting to preconceived notions without more than ambiguous reasoning.

    I appreciate your feedback, and it is good advice. I'm a bit unclear who the student Doctor you are referring to is, Geofrey, and I hardly think this is casting doubt any new doubt on the medical community in Canada. The system is well established.

    In fact I had a wonderful experience at counselling yesterday before writing this blog. Among other confirmations, she indicated that it has been her observation that trans patients often will have up to six medical Doctors in order to get what they need. I don't have many accounts of trans individuals having a splendid time with the Canadian medical community. I'm not saying its impossible, but doubt existed before I blogged about it here.

    Also I'm a non-op TS so "zie operation" will never be what I am impatiently running towards like an emotional and ignorant plebeian.

    When I am talking about going abroad for procedures I am referring to cosmetic procedures that are considered elective anyways. Breast, hip, buttocks, and facial augmentations.

  4. Oh Mei! Im sorry that those doctors are so awful at helping you become the sensual pornstar you are meant to be! I know you're smart and will be careful, but I still pray that nothing goes wrong!
    love, Kyra

  5. Thank you for posting that wonderful picture of Tigerr!

  6. I think you should go ahead. It seems you've done your research and thing are possible. If you can raise the money and feel comfortable with the surgery, I say do it. You don't want to wait too long and have lots of complications. Transgenders have the same problem here in Denmark, not taken too seriously by the system. I hope things work out for you. Peter(from imagefap)

  7. Why not Thailand, where its inexpensive, and the doctors are highly skilled? I do think that taking hormones first is a good idea, though.


  8. Thailand is certainly an option, and a place I feel a powerful need to go to.

    That may be a better choice for SRS. The procedures I am looking to have done are cosmetic changes, not turning my penis into a vagina. Venezuela has a more prominent global role in beautifying via cosmetic surgery.

    I'm not not opposed to taking hormones before the procedures. In fact that has been the plan. I am opposed to being forced to wait while my time is wasted. To be told that you MUST go on HRT first is a confirmed falsehood.

    I would be pretty dimwitted if I didn't do all the research possible, even unconventional and instead just sat here and waited for hormones.


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