Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Geekier Shade of Mei

Apparently it surprises a great many people that I have somewhat geeky interests. Aside from the fashion, cooking, interior decorating, media ambitions, and wall to wall technicolour nymphomania, I enjoy some hobbies that evidently are unexpected.

I like video games. I play them from time to time, with my big headphones on.. of course thats usually sexy music and hypno files I'm soaking in as I play. I also have a nasty habit of chatting to a dozen boys while I fight evil, or good, whichever.. regardless I tend to hold up my team by flirting and making dates.

My brother's birthday gift to me is Star Wars: The Old Republic when it comes out. I'll be jetpacking around as the most colour coordinated bounty hunter in between gangbang film shoots and orgies.

I even like video games enough that I went to a convention once. Awesome, right? I want to cosplay, but I don't watch anime enough. I thought if I did cosplay I'd love to go as some of my heroes from youth.

Baroness was such a great character. From GI JOE silly! Pew pew, I've got all sorts of guns. I like the sexy bad girl look, and having been a recurring villain in some people's stories, I quite think I can pull it off and be a vicious cock-tease and all around unattainable con girlfriend. Sorry fanboys, I like rich guys.

Jem is adventure, and I like to have some! I'd always pretend not to completely adore this 80s cartoon but when nobody was looking I'd be watching, my braincells sizzling with rhythm and fireworks. I bet there aren't many Jem's at a convention.

Of course I've not just played video games and gone to conventions. I read comic books... sometimes. I plan on doing lots of photo shoots and porn stuff. Would you like to see an Asian ladyboy Supergirl get fucky long time by Braniac and his tentacle robots?

What's worse than all that? I used to play DnD and I still play World of Darkness. There isn't as much sex as I would like, but I am drowning in creativity 24/7 and need more outlets!

So that's a taste of ladyboy nerd out!


  1. He, he it's important to "disconnect" from the TG world or "Real life" into videogames, i do enjoy shooters but the most loved by me are the kinds of games that let you build a character of your very own, have you tried Oblivion?
    With mods you can make your very own shemale :3
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra
    P.S: I'm waiting like an eager bitch in heat for Star Wars the Old Republic MMO :3

  2. *giggles* yay for nerdgurls!

  3. I remember thinking that I would love to cosplay but I didn't have a (male) character I would like to be or could pull off cause of certain physical features. I do hower always wanted to cosplay as a girl, boy I have a list of girls I would love to be! Cammy from Streetfighter, Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Rayne from BloodRayne, just to name a few...

    @Alectra, I too love games where you can customize your own characters,I always make a Tina, I have done this for a number of games already, even the Sims 2 when I borrowed it from a friend, I would make a couple and I would have a husband and have kids. That was the only reason why I wanted to try out the game, which is pretty lame by the way.. but had my fun!

  4. Join me in secondlife, geeky-gurlz! Lotsa hypno roleplay fun to be had!



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